For Business

Lower Chichester Township supports our local business community in a variety of ways, and values the businesses that choose to locate in Lower Chichester.

On this website we hope to provide some forms and permit applications and resources to assist local business people in doing business in our township with ease.

Business Resources

Pennsylvania Business Link:

Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:


Pennsylvania C-PACE Program Info:

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

C-Pace program overview

Press Release C-PACE Resolution June 10, 2021

C-PACE Brochure One Pager

C-PACE Brochure

Delaware Capital Provider C-PACE One-Pager


Local Business Regulations

Lower Chichester Township, PA Code of Ordinances

Part Eight: Title Two - Business Regulation

Chap. 802. Businesses in General.

Chap. 806. Adult Entertainment uses.

Chap. 808. Amusement Devices.

Chap. 810. Amusements.

Chap. 816. Casual Sales.

Chap. 824. Food Establishments.

Chap. 834. Junk Yards.

Chap. 850. Peddlers and Vendors.

Chap. 858. Secondhand Stores.

Chap. 864. Transient Retail Businesses.

Part Eight: Title Four - Taxation

Chap. 880. Earned Income Tax.

Chap. 882. Realty Transfer Tax.

Chap. 884. Tax Exemption in Deteriorated Areas.

Chap. 886. Local Services Tax.